dimanche 22 août 2010

Free Reservationless Phone Conferencing

Free Reservationless Phone Conferencing

Free conference calls are simple and easy to use, requiring only a name and an e-mail address to receive an instant account.

Once you enter your name and e-mail address, you will be instantaneously provided with a dial-in number and access code for immediate phone conferencing.

Your teleconferencing line is available to you 24/7 and there is no need to schedule or make reservations. Each conference call account accommodates 96 callers on an unlimited number of 6 hour free conference calls.

FREE Conference Call Account Renewal

Free Conference Call With Free Recording Only normal domestic long distance rates are charged by the participant's long distance carriers for the length of the call. Teleconferences can have up to 96 participants for 6 hour period of time per session. Each FreeConferenceCall account remains safe and secure and is never shared or sold. Our free conference call service provides you a great opportunity to connect to many people on a conference call. Loaded with great features, our phone conferencing service has revolutionized the way in which national and international teleconferences are organized.